Banner / Pop UP Rotator Module with Stats - Can place banners and popups and can get statistics of each banner as well as popup. For demo you will have to contact us. We can set it up for you to view it.

This module contains Admin Control panel.

Admin can limit each banners or popups
1. Raw Max
2. Unique MAx
3. Raw Click through
4. Unique Click through
5. Limit by Country
6. Limit by Ip
7. Expiry

The stats will show you
Full Summary
By Country
By Referrer
Monthly and daily average, impression and clickthrough.

Tools Used:

Cinema booking System - A small demo of booking cinema tickets online. For demo - register your self free and login
Its a small demo of booking cinema tickets online. Features:

1. Members Login
2. Select date
3. Show up all shows showing on that date.
4. Select show and seats.
5. Show booked seats

Tools Used:

Online lottery system - Online Lottery System This is a demo system
1.Members login
2. Buy tickets online
3. Play online
4. View results online
5. Results and winners are automatically calculated.

Tools Used:

Real Estate Appraisal System - A demo system site for Real Estate Appraisal System To see the above site use login/password - demo/demo

1. Client asks for appraisal
2. Admin checks and approves the client order and send it to appraiser for appraisal 3. Appraiser logs and checks his work and submits work
4. Admin checks and approves the appraiser work as well as send it to client.
5. A very user friendly search feature to search for any order
6. Auto order number creation.

Tools Used:ASP, MS SQL, HTML

Thank you again for all that you have done - I am recommending you to everyone that I can that is for sure.
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We have utilized the services of Sejal Shah/ SKP Techno Media for almost a
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- Milan Lathia

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