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Shalinderdeep Singh Jun 11 2007 exellent. she did exactly what i asked for definitley will hire again. Thanks again!

bilalsco May 5 2007 Very Good And On time, Will definately be using on a regular basis

chubbie May 2 2007

dabronx29 Mar 25 2007 Oustanding individual to work with. Did everything ahead of time and produced an outstanding product. Definitely use her.

Bujassim Nov 27 2006

sammy79 Nov 4 2006

saw0712 Oct 2 2006 again many thanks

Bujassim Oct 2 2006 excellent work submittted one day before it was due. will use again. thanks.

jsimnoff Sep 21 2006 The last file was great. Thanks so much for your timely and excellant results

efamilant Aug 2 2006 Excellent work. Skpshah carefully found out my requirements and produced code in an hour that met my needs. A fantastic time saver and well worth the money. I would definately use her again. Thanks,

sammy79 Aug 1 2006 very good at the help she gives an does it in a short peiod of tine.

rbiv5 Jul 31 2006 Really good at what she does. Good to work with and fast turnaround. Very happy with expert.

thebus36 Jul 24 2006 Thank you very much! Quick turnaround as we worked through testing. Very easy to work with.

sammy79 Jul 7 2006 she is very helpful with what she knows how to do an does it within a short period of time.

tmurray22 May 16 2006

quikz May 10 2006 didn't help me in the end...

illuma May 4 2006

Viper1122003 Apr 28 2006 Very Quick, and Nice Work Made ...

panosody Apr 18 2006

ak73 Apr 15 2006

trix1210 Mar 27 2006

nyama Mar 18 2006

brianwatters Feb 6 2006

brianwatters Feb 6 2006 Helped me out in the last minute with a project. I had lots of questions about implementation and she was very helpful and knowledgable and kind. The best!

brianwatters Feb 6 2006 Very helpful willing to listen and understand

brianwatters Feb 6 2006 Very helpful

vadimgarin Feb 4 2006

Anonymous Jan 10 2006 Thank you so much...*A* class work, not even joking, you done an amazing job and finished it well before deadline aswell as adding extra bits - will be getting back to you wtih future work! Thanks :)

Viper1122003 Dec 31 2005 Very Good, and produce an excellent Directory Work.

blankbandit Nov 26 2005 Very polite. Very knowledgeable. Very Patient. Highly Recommended!

Anonymous Oct 19 2005

micahelcanturi Sep 20 2005 Thankyou great work and fast communication

Raluca Aug 17 2005 Thank you!

Andy UK Aug 12 2005 Great work!

Raluca Aug 10 2005 Thank you!

Andy UK Aug 10 2005 Brilliant!

Raluca Aug 8 2005 Outstanding job!

Raluca Aug 7 2005 Great job!!!

Andy UK Aug 4 2005 Great work again!

Andy UK Jul 29 2005 Great work!

lanman Jul 26 2005 Excellent - I would highly reccomend this expert to anyone.

Raluca Jul 24 2005 Great job!

Raluca Jul 14 2005 A great job!!!

Raluca Jul 14 2005 Great job!

Rasheed Apr 27 2005 Good Job

dragon05 Apr 11 2005 This is the best service i have received at Kasamba! skpshah was very helpful, polite, efficent and met the project deadline ahead of schedule. I definitely will be coming back for help! And recommend her to anyone seeking help at Kasamba.


John Doe1 Feb 23 2005 This is a second time I acquired her services, and just as I expected, it was a fast, and a great job done on her part.

John Doe1 Feb 18 2005 Great Job well done. She is good, the product that I requested ended up just like how I wanted to be. Thankyou.

avaldez99 Feb 9 2005 Very prompt and professional thankyou for your services

bunt Jan 26 2005 Work Completed extremely quickly and efficiently would laways reccomend

rupesh Dec 14 2004 Excellent communication and good skills .. solved my problem quickly and professionally

brianwatters Dec 6 2004

brianwatters Nov 30 2004 This Expert did an excellent job for me. I cannot recommend her enough. Work was done ahead of time and to specs. Would definitely consider using again. Very Excellent.

mi002ca Nov 15 2004 very responsive and was a tremendous help.

Khin Nov 11 2004

Khin Nov 8 2004 Very good job, thanks you.

georgexassyrian Oct 26 2004 Very good work and on time, I will you this Skpshah in the future

davidu Oct 18 2004

hemanth Oct 9 2004

chemosy Oct 7 2004 Hey you are very fast and efficient Look forward to work with you again.

Harald_Kux Sep 29 2004 FAST Wonderful Quality work

barnstar Jul 19 2004 Great work....I a short period of time. Understood what I wanted and was able to make changes.

ANGELICA GAURDIAN ANGEL  May 23 2004 she is a reat great web page desighner and very reasonable prices and makes sure her customers are happy.

webessential May 19 2004

Alex22 Apr 26 2004 thank s a lot

hilliehill Mar 20 2004 very helpful and very quick service thank you!

winga Mar 18 2004 outstanding expert, does his work in time and with no errors

mcse2000_2000_2001 Mar 14 2004 Marvellous.

georgexassyrian Mar 9 2004

h_7224898 Mar 8 2004

georgexassyrian Mar 2 2004 Very good work and fast Thank you

h_7224898 Feb 27 2004

h_7224898 Feb 27 2004 good job.

metazai Feb 26 2004

metazai Feb 26 2004

metazai Feb 26 2004

metazai Feb 26 2004

georgexassyrian Feb 24 2004 very great work and fast turn around

deeju Feb 24 2004

deeju Feb 23 2004

rokel Feb 21 2004 She did a GREAT job in only a few hours.

ortizl Feb 19 2004

ortizl Feb 16 2004

ryve24 Feb 14 2004 good service and effeceint work

loulindsay Feb 10 2004 First 2 responses were not to the issue

georgexassyrian Feb 3 2004

georgexassyrian Jan 29 2004 Very good work and was able to the work sooner then expected Thank you

Anonymous Jan 8 2004 thankyou

tamasb Dec 11 2003 Awesome professional. Excellent job!

cassden Dec 3 2003 Brilliant Thanks....

ZBee Nov 12 2003 The service is good.We are totally satisfied me and my friend with the work that you have done for our project.We will hire you again for other work that we have.You are so patient,helping us with also our problems with our computer settings in order for the system to wok.Thank you so much,you are such a kind person.God Bless You.

kageyb Nov 11 2003 He is the best.

cashew88 Nov 7 2003

kageyb Oct 18 2003 He far exceeded my request. Was so cooperative and had the work finished in plenty of time. There is no doubt that skpshah is the programmer to use for assignments

Anonymous Oct 9 2003 He did an outstanding job. Will use him again. Prompty rely when needed and had the job done in plenty of time.

Ninux1 Sep 15 2003 GOOD SERVICE!

jimwarren Aug 27 2003 thanks much for the fast response... seems to be working fine... jim

jimwarren Aug 21 2003

jimwarren Aug 16 2003 thanks for the help... prompt response and cooperative exchange.....

Ninux1 Jul 16 2003 again,,,excellent service

Anonymous Jul 13 2003 timely, and clear, accurate work, thanks!

Ninux1 Jul 10 2003 fast response and excellent service!!!


Myrica F. Riddick May 9 2003 thanks for this! Great at fixing so fast. :-)

sarahali007 May 8 2003

johno12 Apr 18 2003 Great Work, Did all 3 tasks quickly and perfectly. Gave me back the completed Tasks within 2 days. If I need him again I will use him.

Sundiloon Apr 14 2003 Very Hardworking, Hire him

Sundiloon Apr 2 2003

Sundiloon Mar 31 2003 Very Helpful. Created me a good poster.

AlSheron  Feb 17 2003 good, service...well produced director files. Reccommended

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